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I am a  practicing visual artist with work shown nationally.  For the past twenty three years I have been a full time faculty member at the Ringling College of Art and Design where I teach in the FILM Department.


In my work, nature, myth and nurturing are recurrent themes.  Primarily cloth and alternative materials, the work is of varying scales - from small intimate embroideries to larger than life installation as objects, beings and spaces. They are mementos, tributes, questions and discourse.


These works are based on how we make or select expressions of self --

expressions of belief --  of culture, of heritage, of hope, of concern.

They are talisman and they are the sacred,

They symbolize strength, rank, place, position, past, present , future . 

They tell of moods, emotions and events - birth, death, joy, fear, desire.


They reflect a story as it was, as it is, as it is hoped for or will be.

They are mappings of a life’s journey.


Works are also created in response to place - drawn from my life and travels in the American West, China, Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom.  The work has been exhibited nationally with images of the installation work having had international distribution.


In addition my own work, I actively engage in collaborative projects with artists and scientists.   Projects have included Cosmix and OHH! WATER at the South Florida Museum, Convergence a Textile Exhibition at Selby Gallery, ReArt Exhibit for the Manatee Art Center, and Orange Crush Exhibition at The Brevard Museum.


Most recently, I had a solo exhibit Primum Non Nocere at Piedmont College Museum in Georgia.  


I have an MFA from the University of Houston and a BFA from Texas Tech University. Trained in two- and three-dimensional art and design, I am also a co-author of a design textbook. 

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