As a child, I loved the stories of saints and sinners, heaven and earth, gods and goddesses, goodness and evil.  I believed.  My faith may have been child-like, but it was no less resolute or real.  Over time, these rich narratives of my childhood have been expanded by the beliefs, traditions, mysteries, legends, mythologies of others.  My faith has not been narrowed or fragmented by time and knowledge, but has become more complex and enriched by the realities of the natural world, the history of humanity, the rise and fall of civilizations, the creation of the arts, the expansion of the world by science.

Using the saints and sinners, gods and goddesses, humans and beasts of humanity and nature, I have conjured my own narratives of the mysterious, the mythical, the magical, the tragic, the real, the imagined.  

I see these as moments / mementos / memories / possibilities of how and why humanity has been, and must always, be part of the natural world.


Gardens are a place of constant planting, birth, growth, death and resurrection. 

There is wisdom in Gardens. Gardens are ordered and peaceful – they are wild and chaotic.  That is their very nature.  Gardens – like our lives – are complex, magical, magnificent, painful, haunting and transcendent. 

This GARDEN, like other gardens, hopes to speak to hearts, to minds, to histories, to spirits.  It reminds me of what was, what is and what can be.  

Through the lens of now, going BACK TO THE GARDEN is reconnecting with nature, with culture, with religion, with science, with myth, with history, with knowledge, with the origin of our true self and our better angels. 

Planting / Growing / Tree / Knowledge / Eden / Paradise / Reap What We Sow 

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